iRewind and Yoveo Win Bronze Prize for Innovation at the Best of Swiss Web Awards 2018

iRewind and Yoveo took home the bronze prize for innovation at the Best of Swiss Web Awards 2018 that were held at the Samsung Hall in Dübendorf, Switzerland. Out of the 86 submissions that were shortlisted, iRewind and Yoveo won the award based on the use of personalized mass video technology furnished by iRewind at the UBS Kid’s Cup.

Every year throughout Switzerland, the UBS Kid’s cup brings together over 130,000 children to participate in more than 850 track and field events. The award-winning project included thousands of minutes of recorded film that were automatically personalized for individuals who ran the 60-meter sprint. The photos and “finisher clips” – as the personalized videos are called – were published to UBS’s Athletics Fan Corner platform, giving participants a personalized memory of their accomplishment as well as a digital souvenir to share with friends and family.

Marco Demont, owner of iRewind and Yoveo, comments, “Winning the bronze prize for innovation is a great accomplishment for Yoveo and iRewind. Faced with such impressive competition, we are happy to be among the best that the Swiss ICT industry has to offer. The UBS Kid’s Cup is an excellent example of how personalized videos can deliver lasting, sharable memories.”

Best of Swiss Web aims to promote the use of e-business and Internet technologies in Swiss companies and to set binding quality standards for the Swiss ICT industry.

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