Personalized video for the Swiss Concussion Center

The Swiss Concussion Center, an international center of excellence for the treatment of concussion in high-performance sports, is growing. In order to make the problem of this serious injury occurring in high-performance sport even more visible, the Swiss Concussion Center invited various institutions to an interdisciplinary workshop on the topic of personalized videos. The aim was in the invitation letter to put the participants emotionally into a situation in which concussion often occurs, namely a body check in ice hockey. A video (endless loop) was visible in the invitation website header. The name of the invitee was displayed on the jersey, and then the subjective camera perspective takes over. The names were automatically rendered into the video, minimizing the effort required to produce the individual videos. They not only provide personalized video surprises, but also trigger an emotional involvement in the situation – in this case, the situation of a checked ice hockey player.