With Virtual Reality (VR) on Minor-Schöggeli-Search in Arosa

In collaboration with the Virtual Reality production company Bandara, YOVEO has developed a concept for the marketing of the well-known squirrel trail in Arosa. The interactive hiking trail can be experienced by the user as a virtual reality video with a 360 ° view. The video shows the squirrel trail and its animal inhabitants and also provides a competition. Minor-Schöggeli  are hidden all around and the user must find them. The number of  Schöggeli found can be posted on the Facebook pages of Arosa and Minor. A year’s supply of Minor-Schöggeli are at stake.

For the first time in the German-speaking world a virtual reality production was also financed by advertising marketing. Goldbach Media (Switzerland) AG took over the marketing for Arosa Tourism and was able to obtain the services of media agency  Mediakanzlei  and the sponsorship of Minor for the project.

At the same time a video was produced for social media. This shows how women from Zurich  reacted to „real“ squirrels. The goal of the video is to raise interest in the virtual reality competition and at the same time generate traffic on the social media channels of Arosa and Minor.